The Nutrition Tree

Welcome to the Nutrition Tree clinic, a private children’s nutrition consultancy service, specialising in antenatal nutrition, breastfeeding, infant nutrition and allergies. A personalised plan will be discussed and created for you or your child along with any relevant written information sent to your GP, midwife and/or health visitor. Appointments can be made face to face, through video calls or telephone calls.

There are many barriers that prevent children from getting the best nutrition. Whatever the barrier, I am here to adapt the advice and support to fit the need of the child and their family. My aim is to ensure all children receive optimum nutrition that enables them to grow and develop to their full potential.

Optimum nutrition from birth primes the body’s immune system, reducing risk of disease and enhancing health and well-being throughout life. This is your opportunity to ensure your children get the best support from an expert.

I provide breastfeeding support and am able to provide one to one care to ensure you and your baby find breastfeeding a positive and rewarding experience.

Whether face to face or over zoom, I offer parents and families the opportunity to receive private consultation whilst waiting for an appointment with a GP or other healthcare professional.