Introducing Solid Food to your Baby

Every child is a unique individual and introducing babies to solid food can sometimes be a time of great worry and stress for parents. As with many aspects of parenthood, it can seem like every person you meet has a different opinion on how this should be done, and if your baby doesn’t immediately take to solid foods at the first try, it’s easy to feel disheartened or like you’re doing something wrong.

Lots of babies experience problems when weaning, and this can be a cause of great anxiety to parents, especially if things don’t improve as times goes on.

Everyone expects babies to start weaning at ‘about six months’ but the reality is that children don’t always fit in with plans and expectations and it can be easy for parents to become very worried about this and whether their child is getting the right nutrition at the right times to help them develop and grow. 

There can be a huge number of reasons why introducing solid foods can be a bit tricky, but with the right support, you can overcome issues and move forward with confidence that your child is getting what their body needs. 

A consultation session can help ensure that you have all of the support, resources and tools that you need to help introduce solid food successfully and deal with any problems if they arise as your child grows and widens the range of foods that they eat.